2020 Growers Meeting

Here are some video highlights of this years presentations

Local farmer, John Nohl explains and demonstrates Injector Sentry, the system he developed to aid farmers with fertigation.

Matt Person
1:45 9500 HS (High Speed) Product update
5:50 Poly pipe update
8:47 9520 PL Pivoting Lateral
12:31 Corner Control updates
16:11 New Control Panel updates
26:12 FieldNET Pivot Watch updates
36:48 FieldNET M2 Connect & M2 Control
38:42 FieldNET Advisor
40:07 Questions
46:21 Bonuses – Smart Suite
47:45 Zimmatic App

Quinn Charling
0:35 What is FieldNET?
2:43 How do you access FieldNET?
3:10 FieldNET Advantage
4:15 FieldNET Radio network near Hancock + Radio vs Cellular
9:59 Zimmatic Panels
10:31 FieldNET Pivot Control
12:48 FieldNET for VRI
14:38 FieldNET Advisor
27:17 Satellite Imagery
28:12 Questions

Michael Ringgenberg
Find out how the partnership between Lindsay and Farmers Edge benefits your bottom line.
0:34 What we do
5:03 Soil moisture probes
5:31 Satellite imagery
8:24 Crops we work with
10:09 Tractor and equipment monitoring
13:20 What to do with all the data
15:42 Lindsay/Farmers Edge bundle offer

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