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Attention: Scroll down to view and download our most recent Parts List. Updated 4/13/2023

Parts shed door at Midwest Irrigation & Electric Inc.

We have moved the contents of the Parts Shed in Hancock, to the main building.

The process has not changed, just the location.

Just use the door on the southwest corner of the new building and you should be able to find whatever you need.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, call or text me directly at 612/581-4360.

Les Olson

For convenience to our customers, and to expedite getting crucial parts out, we have set up Parts Sheds in several communities.

These are set up for you to get parts for your Irrigation equipment when you can’t get to our store during our regular business hours. We also use these sheds as drop off points for you to pick up parts that we may not have in the Parts Shed.

Currently we have 3 sheds set up in the following communities:

⦁ South Shore, SD
⦁ Appleton, MN
⦁ Hancock, MN

3 Parts Sheds at Midwest Irrigation & Electric Inc.

These sheds contain over 100 different parts for your Irrigation Equipment that we have found are the most needed. Some of the parts our sheds contain include:

⦁ Fuses 
⦁ Micro-switches, Relays and Whisker Switches 
⦁ Gaskets
⦁ Center Drive Motors 
⦁ Booster Pumps and End Guns
⦁ Gearboxes and Driveshafts
⦁ Wheel and Tire assemblies
⦁ Goosenecks, Sprinklers and Drops
⦁ and much more…

Midwest Irrigation & Electric Inc

How do these sheds work?  We ask that you check out all parts you take on our “Shed Inventory Stock – Listing of Parts to be Invoiced “, sheet you will find in the Shed. Please fill out the following information.

⦁ Date 
⦁ Part Number, (if you can find it).
⦁ Parts Description
⦁ Quantity
⦁ Customer to be Invoiced
⦁ Initials or Name of Person the Parts were taken by.

Midwest Irrigation & Electric Inc

We will check these sheds weekly. At that time, we will record your information off of the sheet and send out an invoice for the parts you purchased. 

Please let us know if we are missing parts in our sheds that would be helpful for your operation. 

If you are interested in using our Customer Parts Shed, please contact me for directions to any of the 3 locations, and the lock box code for our Hancock store. Thank you!

Les Olson, sales and parts, Call or text: 612-581-4360

Email Les here.

Or, Mike Pribbenow, Call or text: 605-595-3440

Email Mike here.

Here is a list of the parts stocked.

If there are parts you need not included on the list, contact us now.

Newly updated 4/13/2023.

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Midwest Irrigation & Electric Inc

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