Irrigation Systems

Midwest Irrigation and Electric offers:

♦ Service on all Field Irrigation System brands

♦ A Full Service Maintenance Program

♦ Off season/spring service on Irrigators


Midwest Irrigation & Electric can help you put together a Zimmatic Irrigation System as simple or complex as your needs require.

With over 24 years combined experience, Mike or Russ can help you assess all factors including field layout, water availability, power requirements, field topography, crop needs and soil types.

MIE can work with you to determine the cost per irrigated acre, and the potential return on that investment through increased yields.

Additional options to customize a system to your specific needs include FieldNET.

Have access to your entire operation at all times. Create, adjust and run irrigation plans easily with the most efficient use of energy, water and chemicals. Everything at your fingertips on your phone or laptop. Save time, money and resources.

Irrigation benefits include:

♦ The ability to hedge against the weather

◊ Dry years

◊ Spotty or sporadic moisture patterns

♦ Irrigate day or night

♦ Precision application of inputs

◊ Regular and exact chemical/fertilizer treatments

◊ Reduced input costs

◊ Timely application

◊ Better nutrient management

♦ Higher yields

♦ Efficient use of water

◊ Precise timing and measurement of water application

◊ Custom systems based on field and crop requirements

♦ Low operating cost per acre

♦ Higher returns

♦ Yield consistency year after year

♦ 20+ year life span

Final thoughts

Your entire system, from pumps through to pivots and controls, from finding a reliable underground water source to wiring and complete installation, can be designed, installed and supported by a single source:

Midwest Irrigation and Electric

Call Mike or Russ today at 605-862-8149 today or contact us here.